Pre- and aftercare


It's the preparation that counts! A great painting starts with a high-quality canvas. A beautiful permanent make-up result depends on many factors, not just pigmentation. You will be happier if you prepare your skin properly. The area to be pigmented must be healthy, intact, insensitive and non-irritating.

This way you can prepare yourself for pigmentation:

To avoid excessive bleeding and poor colour retention

  • Do not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before the procedure
  • Do not drink caffeine 12 hours before the procedure
  • Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief (blood thinners)
  • Anti-viral medication for lip pigmentation if you are prone to herpes
  • Do not exercise on the day of the procedure
  • Do not pluck/pluck/wax/epilate one week before the procedure to minimize the risk of injury
  • Do not take fish oil or vitamin E (natural blood thinners) for one week before the procedure.
  • Do not come with sunburnt skin
  • Do not have any facials/peels done 2 weeks before the treatment.
  • Discontinue vitamin A/Retinol skin care products 4 weeks before treatment (for longer lasting results).
  • No filler treatments in the desired area 3 weeks before the treatment

    Especially for lips and eyes:

    If you have ever had herpes or mouth ulcers or have them from time to time, seek advice from your GP. It is recommended to take anti-viral medication to prevent an outbreak.

    Cream your lips regularly to avoid dry lips during treatment. Dry lips can lead to uneven results and pigmentation can be more painful for you.

    If you want to have eyeliner or lash line pigmentation, you should remove your eyelash extensions (false eyelashes) 2 weeks beforehand and ensure that your eyelids are cleaned and moisturized every day. If you wear contact lenses, please remove them before the procedure.

    If you decide to make an appointment for treatment, you should allow time for the healing phase. During the first 5-7 days, there will be slight redness, swelling, flaking (peeling) and other healing effects. During this time, only a small amount of water should be allowed to reach the pigmented area and no make-up should be worn. Do not book an appointment before your vacation, as sun exposure should be avoided. MRI appointments should also be avoided after a fresh tattoo.


    The area will feel a little sore and the color will look very intense. Swelling, redness and slight bruising (lip pigmentation) may occur, which will last for approx. 1-2 days. In the event of possible complications (such as inflammation, prolonged swelling and redness, fever, rash), please contact Pearl Tattoo immediately and consult your family doctor or a dermatology clinic.

    The next day the color of the tattoo will darken as scabs form, there may still be swelling or a small bruise. The scab will fall off within 3-10 days, depending on your skin and the procedure. Approximately 1 week after the scab has fallen off, the color will darken slightly.

    You will find further information specific to the treatments below. Please follow these instructions to benefit from good results in the long term.

    Permanent make-up fades after 1-5 years, depending on skin and lifestyle. Touch-ups are necessary to maintain the longevity and overall beauty of the tattoo. If you have oily skin, an iron deficiency or a very strong immune system, the pigment will not last as long and will not heal as defined as for others.

    Cover-up work may require additional appointments to achieve better results, as it is possible that the "cover-up" tattoo may not completely cover the old one.

    During a magnetic resonance examination (MRI), problems could occur at the tattooed body part. It has been scientifically proven that no problems arise when using high-quality colourants approved in Europe.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

    Here you will find the exact aftercare for each treatment.

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