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Paramedical tattoos

After a medical treatment or a medical indication, realistic paramedical tattoos of an area of skin can restore the customer's self-confidence and self-awareness. These tattoos are not medical procedures.

Clients usually have a medical history or a skin condition that is being treated medically, where an optical finishing touch is recommended as a final treatment. However, these tattooing techniques can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

Areola tattoo

Nipple pigmentation

Nipple pigmentation

After surgical reconstruction of the breast (breast augmentation), whether after breast cancer, accidents, breast reduction or augmentation, paramedical tattooing serves to complete the overall picture and helps many patients to gain more self-confidence and a new quality of life.

This is because after nipple reconstruction surgery, the nipple has no color or dimension, only a skin-colored nipple. Plastic surgeons sometimes tattoo a pink circle, but do not use professional, three-dimensional techniques to create a lifelike nipple. Since the reconstructed breast is less sensitive than the former breast, the tattoo is not as painful. However, the pigments fade over time and make it necessary to refresh the tattoo after a few years. Tattoos that are not performed by medical practitioners are not normally covered directly by health insurance, but you can ask for the costs to be covered.


Cosmetic nipple pigmentation



NipBlush is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the nipple. After breast surgery, such as breast augmentation or reduction, there may be a loss of pigment in the nipple. Our meticulous technique involves tattooing pigment onto the areola area to ensure a precise and symmetrical result. This procedure offers a natural and permanent solution to restore self-confidence and aesthetics.

The pictures are from my trainer Vikki Clark, Essex.

Needeling & Camouflage

Scar treatment

Scar treatment

Scar needling (MCA) is a procedure in which the healed scar is supplied with blood again without color or serum (dry needling) using a large number of micro-fine needle punctures and the formation of collagen, elastin and melanin activity is stimulated.
This restores the color of the skin and smoothes the scar. 1-3 sessions may be necessary.
In this way, acne scars, burn scars, wrinkles, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation can be treated effectively.

Due to the punctures, the scar is very red and swollen after the treatment and it takes a few days for the redness to disappear.

Hair loss due to illness/medication

Eyebrows & eyeliner

Eyebrows & eyeliner

Permanent make-up can help to restore a person's self-confidence in the case of hair loss caused by various illnesses or medication.

If hair falls out due to chemotherapy or alopecia, for example, eyebrows and eyelashes can be visually restored with permanent make-up

Lip pigmentation, for example with

Cleft lip and palate

Cleft lip and palate

With the help of lip pigmentation, it is possible to retouch a cleft lip and palate. By building up the shape of the cupid's bow and customizing the colour, it can give those affected new self-confidence. Of course, other causes can also lead to scar tissue in the mouth area, such as an accident, in which case lip pigmentation can also be used to conceal the scar. 1-3 treatments may be necessary, you can find more information about lip pigmentation here:


Prices for paramedical tattooing

Nipple reconstruction

One nipple


Two nipples


I also offer free medical nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors whose health insurance does not cover the treatment. Unfortunately there is only a small contingent for this, due to the high demand there is often a waiting list, but I try to treat as many women as possible every year free of charge. Please send inquiries about this by email to

For those who don't want to wait, I also offer paid appointments for nipple tattooing for 350-550€. The costs can be reimbursed by health insurance, but an application must be submitted. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Needling scars

Scar needling stimulates collagen, elastin and melanin activity in your skin, forcing it to repair itself naturally. The area is skillfully treated to blend the scar with the surrounding healthy skin. The repigmentation of the scar and relaxation of the trained tissue helps to improve the overall appearance.

140€ per session

Scars camouflage

Tattoo pigments do not change color. If the skin becomes darker due to sunlight, the scar remains in the engraved color! Several sessions may be necessary.

140€ per session


Cosmetic nipple pigmentation

350 - 550€

Eyebrows, eyeliner and lip pigmentation

In case of loss of hair in eyebrows or eyelashes due to illness/chemotherapy

For cleft lip and palate

50€ per session

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My two trainers from the Areola Training Academy are dedicated to providing quality education to those who want to learn the art of nipple tattooing and support free nipple pigmentation. The mission is to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to become the best artists they can be. They are committed to helping students find their creative voice and develop their craft.

The Tata Foundation is a charity that raises funds to cover the cost of products, equipment and time to create life-changing burst wart tattoos. The Tata Foundation's team of artists will hold a fundraising event once a year to raise awareness for our cause. If you would like to donate to the Tata Foundation, please click here: