Frequently asked questions

Does the treatment hurt?

Every person has a different perception of pain.

The eyebrows are probably the most insensitive to pain, but it can also become more unpleasant towards the nose. There may be watering eyes and sneezing. Most people describe the sensation as "tickling", "vibration" or "like plucking eyebrow hairs".

Lips are also imagined by all customers to be worse than it is in the end. The same applies here as with the eyebrows, towards the nose it can become more unpleasant.

Eyeliner many imagine the worst of the pain. However, this is rather the fear to let a needle so close to an important body part. Here, too, the eye watering quickly, but it is only in the corners of the eye unangehem. You can imagine it about how if you scratch with a fingernail between the eyelashes.

Freckles are stung in "Handpoked" style, which usually hurts a little more than a machine-stitched tattoo. Again, the area around the nose is the most sensitive.  

How long does permanent make-up last?

Unfortunately, the answer cannot be generalized, as it depends on many factors.

- Pigment: There are pigments that last longer to forever than others that remain only 1-2 years in the skin. It is also important how intensively the pigment was shaded.

- Depth/Skin Thickness: Also important is how deep was the pigment poked into the skin or how thin is your skin at the pigmented area.

- Lifestyle: Your immune system is responsible for the degradation of the pigments, some have a good immune system, others not. Your metabolism also determines the degradation time, whether you exercise, use a lot of skincare or are in the sun a lot.

But if you want a general answer to the question: Permanent makeup lasts about 1-5 years ! But you can never guarantee that it will fade 100%. 

What do I have to consider before the treatment?

DO NOT take painkillers before your appointment and do not drink coffee about 12 hours before. Coffee and painkillers cause heavy bleeding and also make you more sensitive to pain during the treatment. You can find more information under Pre- and aftercare.

Please also read the Guidelines regarding diseases and organizational matters.

I often have allergic reactions, am I suitable for permanent make-up?

As with any product or food, any ingredient can potentially cause an allergic reaction. However, in cosmetics, the most common reactions are usually caused by hair dyes, fragrances/perfumes or nickel. Our pigments are all EU certified and allergy tested. The ingredients are water, glycerine and mineral stones (carbon, iron, etc.). 

So far, there have been no allergic reactions to color/needles in our studio, but rather to cosmetic products such as soap or cream. If you are still unsure, an allergy test can be carried out as part of a consultation 1-2 weeks before the actual treatment. Pigment is applied to the skin or a small spot behind the ear is pigmented. But beware, an allergic reaction can still occur years after the piercing, this test is not a guarantee. 


What are the risks and side effects of pigmentation?

Despite adherence to the greatest possible hygiene, care, proven techniques and working materials, side effects and / or complications may occur during or after tattooing, such as circulatory problems, chills, bruising, slight post-tattoo bleeding, swelling of the skin, redness, slight scarring, or unwanted color gradients due to an unfavorable connective tissue of the customer.

Allergic and also inflammatory reactions are possible. The risk of infection can also not be ruled out. Permanent make-up lasts for several years depending on the skin condition and incorporation. No information or guarantee can be given as to the skin depth at which the pigmentation will be applied. A minimum and maximum duration and general fading cannot be guaranteed. In the days following the treatment, the color result will initially appear darker as a result of the scab. Only after healing will the actual amount of color remaining in the skin be apparent. Due to the different metabolism of the clients, touch-ups may be necessary.

Sun exposure can lead to faster fading of the pigments, darkening of the result due to pigment disturbance or color change, depending on the skin type. The application of non-recommended wound/healing ointments, the use of self-tanning products or hair dyes can also lead to color changes.

What is permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic tattooing on the face. The skin is injured and pigments are introduced more superficially and not as compactly as in "normal" tattooing.

Permanent make-up is divided into microshading and mircoblading.

In microshading, a needle is used to prick many small dots into the skin, which create a shading or a line. This method is recommended for all skin types. You can microshade lips, eyeliner, eyebrows or freckles.

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing procedure in which a fine blade is used to introduce semi-permanent pigment into the surface of the skin. The effect closely mimics the look and detail of actual eyebrow hairs, creating a stronger, natural-looking brow. This procedure does not require a tattoo machine and differs from a traditional tattoo in terms of procedure, permanence, color, detail and overall appearance. Microblading is usually only recommended for dry skin with a sufficient amount of eyebrow hair. We do NOT offer microblading.

Is the treatment safe?

During tattooing, the skin is injured in order to place the pigments in the skin. Each procedure is performed under strict hygiene and sterilisation rules.

A well-trained, certified semi-permanent makeup artist performs each procedure with disposable needles and parts. The pigments used are hypoallergenic and reactions to these products are extremely rare. Upon request, we are happy to do an allergy test where you come in before your actual appointment and we tattoo a small spot behind your ear.

In addition, the aftercare instructions should be strictly followed to avoid bacterial infection.

How does treatment work?

A consultation takes place before every treatment. Afterwards I take before pictures for my file, these will only be published with your consent, if at all. We discuss the shape and colour before we start tattooing. Only when you are 100% satisfied, the final design will be tattooed. Afterwards, I will take after pictures and you will be given aftercare instructions and a cream if necessary.

A treatment takes between 1.5 and 3 hours including consultation, please always plan for 3 hours.

What will the final result look like?

The colour looks darker and more intense immediately after the stitching. On the second day, the colour darkens a little more. In the course of healing, which takes 6 weeks, the colour first becomes lighter and then darkens towards the end.

The strong and defined edges become softer and slightly blurred.

Am I an ideal candidate for semi-permanent make-up?

Semi-permanent makeup is a safe and reliable procedure and suitable for most people. However, if you have any of the following conditions, you are unfortunately not eligible for permanent makeup treatment:

  • Pregnant and/or breastfeeding women
  • Taking blood thinning medication
  • Taking antibiotics 
  • less than 6 weeks since the last hyaluron treatment in the area to be treated
  • HIV,hepatitis or other infectious viral diseases.

If you have any other medical conditions that you are unsure about, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any other health-related questions.

How can I book an appointment?

Please read the guidelines before requesting an appointment. In case of an old foreign pigmentation (PMU of another artist) and herpes, please contact us beforehand. If the foreign pigmentation is still visible, please send us a good quality picture.

All other appointment requests can be made online, by mail, phone or Whatsapp. You can find the link to book an appointment here: https: //

Why do I have to pay a deposit and why is it non-refundable?

Our time is very important to us, so we accept deposits for our treatments to avoid no-shows from clients*.

In addition, a deposit deters customers who would not take the appointment as seriously as we do. 

Once the money is in our account, it is taxable - a refund is a lot of bureaucracy. If everyone just made an appointment and could cancel it the next day, it would mean a lot of bureaucracy and nerves for us. So we make sure that our customers have thought carefully about whether they really want an appointment with us and will actually keep it. If you cancel in good time, the deposit will be "credited" and you can fall back on it later.

Is there anything I should be aware of if I have herpes?

If you suffer from cold sores, you can still have your lips pigmented. However, you need to keep a few things in mind:

If you have cold sores (even if it was 20 years ago!), antiviral medications should be taken to prevent an outbreak or reduce the severity of an outbreak if it occurs.

Please consult your family doctor about which medications to consider. If there is an outbreak of herpes, this can lead to a change in the tattoo.

Am I eligible for lip pigmentation with injectable lips?

Yes! The use of hyaluron in no way affects the process of tattooing the lips or the result. On the contrary, it goes together super, because the hyaluron makes the lip color fade and the lip contour look undefined. A lip blush can define a new contour and give new color back to the lips.

However, it must be noted that the appointments must be at least 6 weeks apart. If the lip pigmentation is done directly after the hyaluronic treatment, you risk dissolving the hyaluronic acid.

I recommend lip pigmentation first to perfect the natural lip shape and then a hyaluronic treatment. Of course, a different order is not harmful in any way.

Do I have to pay attention to anything after the treatment?

Yes! Please read the Aftercare thoroughly to guarantee a well-healed result.

All the care products that you need for a good healing, you will get from us after your treatment as a gift. Everything stands and falls with the care of the tattoo at home!

I have an old PMU and would like to have it covered. Is there anything I need to consider?

If your PMU is 1-5 years old and almost faded, a "cover-up" is not a problem. Please send us sharp and well exposed pictures of the area to be treated.

If your PMU is older than 5 years and is still clearly visible, it must first be lasered or removed with a "remover" solution. Unfortunately, we do not offer these procedures.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions.

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